5 Ways for Your Website to Convert

Now days, whether your business sells products or services online or not, you need to have a website. Because, without a strong digital presence, your business simply doesn’t exist.

What’s more, you have to gain the attention of your customer quickly and I mean really quickly – in 0-8 seconds in fact!

The right website will not only gain the attention of your customers, it will also make your dream clients want to work with you and make your life easier. The right website, will convert. And who doesn’t want to do that? As a Perth small business expert and website designer, I’m here to share 5 ways you can get your website to convert.

1. Simple site navigation

Your customers don’t have time to scroll through your website, trying to make sense of navigation. So, stop the website ‘hunt.’ Embrace easy, breezy and simplified site navigation instead.


2. Professional Photography

When it comes to business, first impressions are everything and selfies on your iPhone just aren’t going to cut it on your website. Investing in professional photography with a brand photoshoot and ensuring you have a hero homepage image of you (yes, you) is crucial. This will ensure your potential customer sees you as a person, and not just a business – it’s all about that human connection.


3. Clear calls to action

If it’s not obvious to your potential customer what you want them to do within minutes of landing on your website, then how can you expect them to do it?

Ensure you have consistent, clear call to actions across your website telling them exactly what to do and how to do it. Show them the way.


4. Client love

Why should that potential customer on the other side of the screen work with you? Sure, you’re telling them to, but why should they trust you?

Here’s your chance to share some client love (aka client testimonials and reviews) to show them why clients choose you time and time again. This creates trust – and we all crave that.


5. Clever copy

The copy on your website (the words) needs to be clever, clear and concise.

It needs to explain who you are, what you do, how you can help and why they should choose you. All this, also needs to be written in a language your ideal customer can understand and relate to.

You can write these words yourself or engage the help of a local copywriter.

All of the above will make it easy for your website visitors to:

a) Discover what it is you actually do

b) Decide whether you’re the right business for them

c) Make a purchase or contact you

And this my friends, is what a website needs to convert.

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