How to follow up without being salesy

You’ve connected with a potential client. You’ve taken the time to find out what their problems are and explain how you can solve them. They seem interested in your services and you’re excited to work with them.

But then: radio silence. It’s been weeks now, and they haven’t accepted your quote or paid their deposit.

Now is the time to follow up and this can be a dreaded time for some. Why? Because following up can be a little scary and awkward and there’s a chance you’ll come across too pushy or salesy. Some business owners are so worried about this risk, that they skip the follow up altogether and lose the sale.

Scary or not, don’t fall into this trap. It’s time to follow up.

Following up potential clients is all part of being in business – and a crucial part at that. Without it, growing your business becomes near impossible!

I’ve been following up potential clients for over 20 years, so it’s safe to say I have experience in this area.

Read more to discover how to follow up without being salesy.


Reframe the way you see follow ups

One of the most important steps to take when a task is scaring you, is to reframe the way you see it.  If you’re looking at follow ups as ‘spamming’, ‘annoying’, ‘hassling’ and, pressuring’, then of course you’re going to avoid them.

Why not see them as trying to build a relationship with your potential clients instead?

If you reframe the way you see follow ups, they may just start getting easier for you.


Tailor your follow up

If you want your prospects to engage in the conversation, it’s on you to tailor it to what they need.

This means your message must focus on them, their business and industry. It must also talk about their unique pain points and problems, which then needs to relate to your product or service.

Get to know the person where possible too. For example, if you know they don’t spend much time at their computer, then an email follow up probably isn’t the way to go! Maybe sending them a short, upbeat text is the way to communicate with them (don’t always assume emails get to them).


Clearly define each conversation

You need to be absolutely clear in what you want and need your potential client to do.

With this is mind, keep your communication clear, short and conversational and don’t forget to end each conversation with a clearly defined next step.  If you’re emailing, ensure you end it with a clear, easy to answer question. 


Provide value where possible

The more value you provide, the less ‘salesy’ you’ll sound.

Provide new and valuable information where possible – this is where email marketing comes in.

If you’re not sure what this value looks like, I can help you with this.


Know when it’s time to break up

Just like personal relationships, it’s important to know when it’s time to break up (even if they’re not a client).

At a certain point, no response is your response and this is usually a resounding no.

Do send a final break up email though. If there is any interest at all, this is usually the email to get a response.


Non-salesy follow up templates

Using my 20+ years of follow up experience, I’ve drafted a few non-salesy follow up templates for you to work with.

Choose one of the below and personalise it as much as possible.


Would you like to jump on another call?

Hey name,

I understand this (detail specific project) is a big decision for you and want to make sure you are 100% confident in moving forward.

Would you like to jump on another call to discuss any concerns or questions you may have?

Are you available on (day) at (time)?


When can we reconnect?

Hi name

I have everything ready to go at my end for your (detail specific project).

When is a good time for me to reconnect with you to get this project started?


Payment options available

Hi name

You had mentioned that your finances are currently tight.

Would you like to discuss some different payment options to help you make this happen?


Do you have any questions?

Hi name

Thank you so much again for your time the other day.

I know there was a lot to process from our meeting.

Is there anything else I can help you with? Do you have any questions?


Investing in your business

Hey name

I know the decision can be overwhelming when deciding to invest in yourself and your business.

Let’s go over anything that may be stopping you from saying yes on a phone call.

I’m, here to help.  When suits you best?


Next time you need to follow up, don’t fall into the trap of being too scared, use these non-salesy follow up templates and my tips above instead.

If you need a little extra push in the right direction, I’m here for you. Communication is my superpower and I can help you with yours.

Check out my business coaching packages or book an hour of power.


xo Lala

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