Why I don’t talk about 6 & 7 figure businesses

“6 Ways to make 6 figures in your business.”

“How I made $1 million in my business in 1 year.”

“Let me teach you how to grow your business to 6 and 7 figures.”

We’ve all read the posts and watched the reels on Instagram. It seems that many business coaches are talking about ‘6 and 7 figure businesses’ and how they can help take yours to that next level.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I never ever talk about ‘6 and 7 figure businesses’ and I’m here today to tell you why – I’ll even drop a few truth bombs on you along the way.

If you’re ready to hear them (or in this case, read them), grab a cuppa, take a seat and keep reading, my fellow small business friend.


It’s too much pressure (even for diamonds)

Whilst we’re all in business to make a living, and that involves getting money in the bank, for me, the use of terms like ‘6 and 7 figure businesses’ and the bragging that often comes with it online, is far too much pressure for small business owners.

All this talk on socials perpetuates a culture of comparison, adding even more pressure to small business owners – sometimes, taking away that love and joy that comes with building a business.

Sure, making money is great. It can buy you fancy cars and decadent diamonds (if that’s what you’re looking for in life), and diamonds are made under pressure, after all, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of business success. In fact, sometimes focusing too much on revenue can lead you down the wrong path – a path where you’re cutting corners, compromising your values, and putting your customers last. And that’s not a good look, my friend.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with aiming for a high revenue goal, when it becomes the sole focus of a business, it can lead to some questionable decisions – like when an Italian restaurant decides to start cutting costs on ingredients, and suddenly their famous lasagna that tasted like your nona used to make, now tastes like microwaved cardboard. Not cool, guys!

Figures don’t always reflect a full picture of success

While six and seven-figure businesses can be very impressive, they don’t or reflect the full picture, or tell the whole story of a business’s success – and we want to hear the whole story, don’t we?

Success in business is about more than just revenue and figures. It’s also about creating a positive impact in the community, building meaningful relationships with customers and employees, and achieving personal fulfillment, while doing what you LOVE!

It’s about whatever being in business means to YOU and this can’t be quantified by a number.

Let’s not forget about the fact that the figures can be misleading too… A ’6 or 7 figure business’ may sound impressive on the surface, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect the business’s profitability or sustainability. A company that generates $1 million in revenue may still be operating at a loss or have high overhead costs – so, don’t believe everything you read, okay?

Not every business is meant to be a giant cash cow

I’m all about being real and I’m here to tell you that not every business is meant to be a giant cash cow or money-making machine.

Some businesses are perfectly happy being small, working from their home office solo, serving a niche market, and staying that way and that’s okay! Like the cosy local café or the quirky little hobby shop that only sells hand-painted animal figurines – it may not be a huge money making business, but it brings happiness to the people who love it.

Earning 6 and 7 figures, employing lots of staff, growing rapidly, renting out a space and deciding to franchise, before taking over the world isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t need to be.

My advice? Ignore the talk about ‘6 and 7 figure businesses’ and work on your version of success instead.

Shut out all that noise, unfollow anyone on Instagram who shouts it too loud, and remember that your business can be whatever you want it to be.

It’s your business! You define it, what it looks like for you, and your own version of success. So, build your business according to what makes YOU happy, not someone else.

You define your business and your own version of success

I want you to aim high, reach your goals, succeed and achieve all your dreams, and if that includes turning your business into a 6 or 7 figure one, I’m all here for it! BUT I want you to build a small business that makes you proud, makes your customers happy and most importantly makes you happy.

Yes, you need to make a living and if you’re in business for real, you need to make some profit, but work around what you want and what you need.

Don’t let the allure of big numbers blind you to what’s really important to YOU. Remember that you define your own business and your own version of success.


And, if you ever need a business coach who’s more interested in building a brilliant brand than making bank, you know where to find me.

With my business coaching, there’s no hype, no bullshit or crazy six figure strategies. Just you, me, and whatever your small business needs.

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With kindness – Lala xo

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