Instagram for Business Masterclass

$55.00 incl. GST

When it comes to Instagram, if you speak to everyone, you reach no one.

The number one reason why Instagram isn’t working for your business is you’re speaking the wrong language.

What do you mean, Lala?

The thing you need to know about Instagram is that it’s a visual platform. We go there to see pretty things.

We consume our content visually. If your ideal paying client doesn’t like the look of your visual content? They move on, without a second look.

Your Instagram is a showcase of your business. The images, fonts, colours and graphics you use are what tell your ideal paying client that you are the one for them, without you actually speaking to them.

Does your Instagram look like a mess of different colours, images, fonts? Do you know how this visually communicates?

It says you are confused and don’t know what you are doing! Would you do business with someone like this???

Now you may be rolling your eyes at me and saying this all tooooo hard! No, it isn’t, you just need some help and some useful tips and tricks that I use for my own Instagram and for my clients!

Ready to level up your Instagram game and start making some $$$? Then my Instagram For Business Masterclass is for YOU!


TRUTH: More than 85% of my business comes from Instagram!

You don’t need to be an “influencer” to make money from Instagram, and you don’t need tens of thousands of followers to get clients.

All you need is the “right” followers that want to do business with you. 

Want to know what really works? A plan. You need to knowing who you want to talk to, and learn how to visually communicate with them in their language!

I will also teach you how to go “fishing” for your ideal paying client, how to woo them and how to optimise your hashtags and Instagram bio.

Included in this Instagram For Business Masterclass is a super useful and, of course, pretty PDF Workbook to work through during the class, and a link to the Masterclass Video (inside the PDF Workbook) for you to download instantly and refer back as often as you wish!


Juicy points we’ll cover in this masterclass:
  • How to nail down your dream customer/client avatar
  • How to create a branding and messaging strategy for them
  • How to attract them to you on Instagram
  • How to stand out online as the top-of-the-mind brand your dream customer/client would follow and buy from
  • Hashtags why you use, how you find them.
  • Importance and power of your Instagram bio.
  • How to create your core content pillars.
  • Canva tips and tricks
…and more!

In true Lala fashion, this Masterclass will be jam-packed with gold nuggets and tried-and-tested strategies.

Come and learn how to build a consistent brand image online and use Instagram to grow your business – get instant access to the content when you purchase now!