How to Price Yourself Masterclass

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Do you find it hard to price your products/services, and wish someone would just show you how to charge your worth and charge with confidence?

You’re not alone! Pricing is easily one of the top 3 topics I tackle with my coaching clients. 90% of small business owners I work with don’t know how to price for profit and sustainability, new startups and seasoned business owners alike!

The truth is, charging involves setting a price for your product/service/expertise, and setting a price involves money, and when it comes to money, many of us have mixed feelings about it. Longing, fear, insecurities, etc. Money blocks are real!

Most businesses owner’s methods of setting a price for their products or services? They wing it. They charge base on how they feel. They grab a number out of the thin air and then quickly start to doubt themselves about it. Is it too expensive? Is it too cheap? GAHHH!

The thing about pricing is that it can be as scientific as your nana’s apple pie recipe. There is a special formula, and if you follow this formula, you can eliminate doubt and ensure your pie…ahem…prices turn out perfect everytime. Having a method to back you up means you can begin to price with confidence knowing you’re charging your worth and you’re pricing for profitability and growth.

Ready to start charging your worth and charge with confidence? Then this How to Price Yourself Masterclass is for YOU!


Don’t let ‘winging-it’ be your pricing strategy!

In this Masterclass, I will teach you my special formula that I share with all my private coaching clients that will enable you to price with absolute clarity and confidence, eliminate doubts that you’re over/underpricing yourself, and charge in a way that your business doesn’t just survive, but thrive!

And because you’ll likely find that you’ll need to raise your prices after this Masterclass, I’ll also show you how to confidently AND elegantly raise your prices so your current customers and clients won’t throw a fit when you announce your new prices.

Included in this Masterclass is also a pretty PDF Workbook for you to work through during the class, an Excel Spreadsheet to help you figure out your pricing,and a Masterclass Video all loaded in your dedicated member’s portal so you can refer back as often as you wish!


Juicy points we’ll cover in this masterclass:
  • My formula for setting prices for your products/services
  • How to figure out your ‘worth’ and charge accordingly, even when you’re a new business owner with little or no experience or social proof
  • How to charge with confidence
  • How to raise your prices and announce it elegantly
  • How to handle a price objection
  • You’ll get a pretty PDF Workbook for you to work through during the class, an Excel Spreadsheet to help you figure out your pricing, and a Masterclass Video.
Get instant access to the content when you purchase now, so you can start formulating your perfect pricing right now! You’ll also get lifetime access for as long as I host the courses, so you can refer back as often as you like!