How to Get It All Done By Focusing On The Step In Front of You (Not The Whole Staircase)

Do you struggle with the overwhelming fear of having to get it all done?

Your ‘to-do-list’ is long and feel like your time isn’t. You begin to procrastinate, and before you know it, you’re not moving forward at all.

Been there, wrote the book and lived the press tour. No, not really – but you catch my drift (I hope).

In an Instagram Live, I gave my followers a helping hand, with manageable steps to remove some of the overwhelm and get it all done; how to focus on the step in front of you (not the whole staircase).

In case you missed it, here’s a written recap from your local Perth business coach and mentor.


This is how we do it

Moving forward, full steam ahead and at an incredibly fast pace is out. Moving forward at a manageable pace, is in.

How do I achieve this? I write it down. This frees up valuable space in my brain and trust me, will work wonders for you, too.

This goes for managing my workday, my staff, my personal life and all the many weird, wonderful and sometimes mundane tasks of a business owner.

I have to be organised, disciplined and consistent to get it all done (and so do you).

I can empower you to do the right things in business, and help you create a plan, but what I can’t do, is do your tasks for you. That’s on you. It’s not easy and sometimes, getting motivated every-damn-working-day is a downright pain in the !@#$ but it’s definitely do-able.


A day in the life 

Here’s a sticky beak into my working week:

  • Monday 

I like to call Monday, ‘Money Monday’ as it consists of all the money-making tasks like invoicing, paying my staff and following up on quotes. 

The first hour is with my team of 5; we talk about the week ahead, check in with one another and our workloads. Then, I log on to emails at 11 am – I go through them, prioritise them and in true me form – colour code them and then of course allocate them to my staff and reply to them accordingly. 

Monday is also a ‘no client’ day. I learnt pretty quickly not to have my calendar open every day of the week for my clients. Why? Because time is needed after client meetings and appointments to do all the important follow up work (this comes on a Wednesday). 

  • Tuesday

Tuesday is filled with client meetings and appointments, for both Lala for Business and Lala Design. It’s also my late night for clients to meet me after hours. 

  • Wednesday

Wednesday is a ‘non-client day’. A follow up from the client day the day before, with notes, quotes and invoices all to be sent off. Alas, another big email day.

  • Thursday  

Another client day, filled with client meetings and appointments, for both Lala for Business and Lala Design. 

  • Friday 

Friday is usually a ‘work day out’ for me, with out of the office meetings, networking events, or training etc. 

  • Saturday 

Saturday is my day of food prep for the week ahead and housework. 

  • Sunday

Sunday is my day of rest and fun!

My priceless advice to you is to leave the day with an empty head – so to speak.  It takes 15-30 minutes a day to clean up, organise your space and clear your mind for the following day.


Bring it all back to you

Actions speak louder than words – so let’s put these words of advice into action.

Let’s say you want to launch a workshop – from a business workshop, a cooking class, a floristry course – or [insert something tailored to your area here]. 

How will you break down the necessary steps for a successful launch?


Here are 7 steps:

1. Write it down

Get a new notebook or a whiteboard – whatever you feel most comfy with. 

If you prefer digital mediums, allocate a dedicated Word Doc, Google Docs, etc. For Lala for Business, I wrote down what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there. Such as, register the business, sort out a Domain name, engage a website developer, develop a brand identity and create some business packages etc. 

Get it out of your brain. It doesn’t have to be in chronological order. It doesn’t have to be perfect – it just needs to be outside your mind!

2. Revisit it 

Then, revisit it in a couple of days. Look at what you’ve brain-dumped down and remove any emotion from it all.

Let’s get logical. What do you have? What have you done? What do you need? How can you break it down? From here, list what you don’t already have (don’t worry if you have absolutely na-da) and then what needs to be done.


3. Focus on one step at a time 

Then, put it all into chronological order and start with one step at a time. Remember the steps? Focus on each step! Not the staircase! 


4. Be realistic about what you can do yourself and what you need help with

We can all sometimes be a bit too ambitious for our own good. I know I can’t do it all alone, so I don’t do it all alone, I enlist the help of trusted, like-minded professionals, build teams and together – we get stuff done. Outsourcing isn’t the enemy. 


5. Set yourself a timeframe

This doesn’t have to be set in stone, it can be adjusted if you really need to, but you need to work within a timeframe and a due date for each step, for each, individual project.

Without a timeframe, it won’t happen!


6. Check in with your list often

You will lose your focus (that’s okay). That’s the beauty of writing it down, it brings you back to focus. Keep checking in with your list to get you back to where you need to be.


7. Rely on those within your industry for any ‘speed bumps’ 

There are so many networking opportunities near you and so many business owners on social media who would likely be happy to help. Or rely on me, your local Perth business coach and mentor


One step at a time. That’s all you need.

With some grit, determination and a handful of prepping and planning – a whole stack of steps have been climbed and your business venture isn’t a pipedream anymore. It’s all coming together.

You need to start. Just start. Soon enough, momentum picks up, confidence grows, progress builds and goals, slowly but surely get smashed. A little bit at a time. 

Breaking it down in business is my bread and butter and talking to me may be the very first step on your staircase.


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