3 Signs you (seriously) need to consider a business coach

Do you need a business coach? It’s a question many small business owners are asking themselves. And, with SO many benefits to engaging a coach, it might be something you’re asking yourself too.

The past few years have been an absolute rollercoaster for small business owners, so many are turning to business coaches, and for good reason. With powerhouses like Oprah and Serena Williams using business coaches, you’ll be in good company. You’re now wondering what would put a small business owner like you in the company of celebrities like them, aren’t you? Pfft! That’s just your ‘imposter syndrome’ talking (we’ll touch on that later).

But how do you know it’s the right time to engage a business coach?

Get comfy my friend and grab yourself a cuppa – let me take you through the three signs it’s time to get a coach in your corner.

1. You simply don’t have the time for a business coach

I get it. As a small business owner, you’re already wearing so many hats and the to-do list is never-ending (seriously, I can’t be the only one keeping a notebook and pen next to the bed for those middle of the night thoughts?).

There are fires to put out, customers to keep happy and shiny new trends and tactics that everyone seems to be jumping on board with (TikTok I’m looking at you), so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. While you keep all the plates spinning (who thought small business would be like performing in a circus?), it can be hard to imagine adding one more plate to spin without the whole pile coming crashing down around you.

The question you need to ask yourself though is, are you working IN  your business instead of ON  your business?

If you think about business coaching as a way to support the person spinning the plates instead of another plate to keep spinning, you’ll find that coaching is a way to save you an incredible amount of time in your business, instead of taking it.


2. You’re wondering, “where to next?”

A bicycle that stops moving forward falls flat on its side. So, to keep from falling flat on your side, you’ve got to keep those legs pumping, but what if you don’t know where you’re heading? You can’t just keep riding around in circles, can you?

As a business owner, you want your business to grow, right? But SO many business owners I work with struggle to know what ‘growth’ looks like and exactly how to achieve it. If you know your business is ready to blossom into all that it could be, but you’re struggling to know which path to take, a business coach is just what you need.

What I love about coaching is that I’m helping you gain clarity, focus your energy and save time working out which path to take. Think of me as Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz, setting you off on your very own yellow brick road to follow – one brick at a time.


3. Imposter Syndrome has got you good

Ok, this one really hits home for me, because many of the incredible women I work with suffer from imposter syndrome. In fact, one of my clients and I created some SweetTalk cards to help combat just that! If you’re doubting yourself or your business’s success, working with a coach can be an absolute game changer.

When you’re in the middle of a doubt-fest, it can be tough to remember what you’ve already achieved. Working with a coach is like having a personal cheerleader, waving pom poms and cheering you on from the sidelines, so it’s no wonder the Institute of Coaching, found that 80% of people using a business coach, have increased self-confidence!

Having a coach in your corner helps you objectively look at all the incredible things about you and your business so you can say “see-you-later to self-doubt!” Honestly, seeing the mindset shifts in my coaching clients is one of my absolute favourite parts of what I do.


So how do you find the right business coach for you?

• Look for someone who has been where you want to go and achieved what you’re trying to achieve

A coach with experience (like me) can walk the walk – not just talk the talk. I love that I’m a business owner as well as a coach, it means that I can actually relate to what my coaching clients are going through and offer solutions and strategies I know first-hand, will make a difference.

• Find someone who really listens

A good business coach will pull out the best in you by really understanding you, not by talking at you. As a superhero with the superpower of communication, I do this very well.

I really get to know my coaching clients before we roll our sleeves up and get to work. It’s important to find a coach who can understand your unique communication style, ensuring the best results.

• Seek out someone authentic

When you work with a coach, you need someone willing to be real with you, as a business owner you don’t have time for bullsh*t!

You need someone who is honest about the mistakes they made so you can learn from them and is willing to give you a little tough love when you need it.

So, what do you think? Now that you’ve finished your cuppa, is it time to get coach in your corner?

Browse my coaching packages today to find one that might be right for you.

Looking for clarity? Check out my Reset & Refocus workbook, it’s on the house, a little New Year’s gift from me to you.

With kindness – Lala xo

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