What kind of business mentor am I?


Imagine you’re standing in a large room surrounded by stuff, so much stuff, that you can’t move. You’re stressed, overwhelmed, and afraid.

There are two doors on the other side of the room: One is leading outside to the sunshine (you can see it beaming through underneath). The other is a mystery and you don’t know where it will lead….

You really want to get outside into the sunshine, and you know you need to move all the stuff in order to get there, but you don’t know how or where to start. You don’t know what to move first. You’re afraid you’ll hurt yourself or do it all wrong.

Suddenly, one of the doors opens and a woman appears. It’s me!

In a calming and reassuring voice, I say;

“It’s okay, don’t worry. I’m here now and I know what to do because I’ve stood in this room, in the same position you’re in now, many times before.

I know how you feel and I’m here to help you get outside into the sunshine.”

You’re expecting me to come into the room and move everything with you, and are disappointed to discover it’s not that easy and this isn’t how it works.

Instead, I lead you through and show you, step-by-step how to work through all the stuff you need to do. How to navigate it, sift through it and most importantly, how to move it.

I take the time to share my skills and give you the strength you need to move all the obstacles out of your way, allowing your business to shine and grow.

Through time, emotions, struggles and the stuff all over the floor, we work together to make it through. I show you what you need to do to clear the space, clear your mind, and walk through the door to get to the other side.

And in time, the space is clear, and so is your mind, and you can finally get to the door.

You open it yourself, step outside and bask in the sun shining on your face.

You look back at me and smile, because you realise you’ve succeeded all by yourself (with a little help of course).

This is what working with me feels like.

1:1 mentoring customised to you and your business

Because every single small business owner is unique, I only offer highly personalised and private business mentoring sessions, customised to you and your business needs.

My business mentoring is so customised in fact, that I don’t even communicate with all my clients in the same way. What I mean by this is that I take the time to get to know you, your needs and the way you communicate. Then, I communicate with you in the best way for you.

Helping is my purpose in life and, as a natural nurturer and caregiver, you can count on me to do my best to give you and your small business what it needs.

I’ll be there to listen and lift you up when you need it, and I won’t let you fall.

Whether you walk into my Perth studio, or virtually zoom in from anywhere across Australia (or the world), it’s my goal for you to come in overwhelmed, and come out with a clear mind, an individualised business plan and a renewed sense of joy and motivation.

Communication is my superpower.

will my business mentoring work for you?

Are you the kind of person who wants to get it right the first time?

The kind of person who sees in value investing to learn from someone else’s mistakes and proven methods?

Did you try the online group coaching and find that it didn’t work for you? Maybe it wasn’t specific to you and where you’re at in your business, or maybe you need someone to keep you motivated, on track, and accountable.

You’re not interested in wasting time in learning it all yourself. You are self-motivated but would love to have the right person in your corner, invested in your business as much as you, so you don’t carry this all on your own.

You are looking for a business mentor and educator who has real business experience, is running multiple businesses in this current climate, and really truly understands what it takes now to have a ongoing successful, profitable business.

A business mentor that will take you through all the steps, in the right order and make sure to keep you motivated, and accountable along the way.

If you just nodded your head and said “YES” then my business mentoring is for you.