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As a Perth branding expert and business coach, I work with many different businesses to help them understand what makes their business unique, who their ideal client is and how myself and my team create a brand visual that speaks all of this to the world, without them saying a word.

I’m proud to share one of the latest businesses, we have been working with – Craven Content.

Read more to discover how we did it.

From A business to A Brand

Sami of Craven Content came to me with a brand that never had the ‘professional touch’. In fact, you could say it wasn’t a brand at all. It was a business that had slowly grown into a brand over its 4 years in business, and it was time to transform it into something special.

People grow, as do the businesses we build, and as this happens, our brands need to grow along with them. In this case, Sami had outgrown the basic logo her friend had designed for free all those years ago, the photos she had taken herself and the branding images she made on Canva – the brand was no longer her, nor did it reflect where her business was going.

As I worked with Sami as a business coaching client, she began to understand this, and so in an effort to take her business to the next level, we began to bring her new brand to life!

The Craven Content brand before Lala for Business came to the rescue​

Craven Content Old Logo

The Brand Discovery

As Sami’s business coach and Copywriting client, along with following her on social media and meeting her in person, I had a fairly good idea of who she was, what she offered, who her ideal clients were and the kind of brand she would create.

But, as with any client, we completed a brand discovery to get a good, clear idea of what direction Sami wanted to take her business in and how she would like it to grow.

The answers in her brand discovery influence the strategy behind her new brand look.

The Strategy

For Craven Content, I chose a sophisticated neutral palette for the following characteristics:

  • Progressive and modern
  • Professional and luxurious
  • Warm colour palette
  • Individualistic and memorable

I chose a progressive, modern and unique font to fit with the future of Craven Content’s growth – there is a reason behind every branding decision I make and it’s unique to each business.

The Mood Board Sets The Tone for the Unique Style of The Brand​

Style Sheet

The Style Guide

The style guide is special – it highlights every aspect of the brand created to reflect the tone.

The Craven Content style guide shows us that the brand is ‘PERSONABLE, PROFESSIONAL, PASSIONATE & MAGICAL’.

From font names and colour codes, to logos, business cards and social media templates, the style guide has it all – everything for the new brand to shine its light onto the world and for our client to be able to control and maintain how her brand is now used and represented.

The Brand We Brought To Life

Here, you can see what we created and how we worked together to bring the Craven Content brand to life.

  • Logos files

We always supply a suite of logos in different files formats as well as a full logo and a sub logo. These are the logo files you should have to use and where you use them:

– JPEG: Used for photos and web graphics

– PNG: These are transparent and can be layered over colours and photos

– EPS: These you need for printing with, especially large size printing.

We make sure our clients, have their logos in full brand colour, black and white.

  • Colour Recipes

Your brand style guide should have 3 separate colour recipes (numbers) under the colour. Here is what they mean, and what you use them for:

– RGB: Used for colours displayed on a screen (websites, PowerPoint)

– CYMK: For printing use. Business cards, flyers etc

– HEX: Used for Canva, also websites and apps

– PMSL: The worldwide colour recipes that everyone uses. It is like the bible of colours.

The new Craven Content brand by Lala for Business

The Craven Content website transformation

Before & After Website Craven Content

You Can Find and Follow Craven Content Here

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Love what you see?

Great branding that you have invested in will set you apart from the crowd, it will communicate with your ideal client, showing them your values and uniqueness.

Whether you are starting a business or just need to refresh your existing one, I can advise, guide, and create from scratch, a custom brand that matches your values, vision, target market and vibe. 

If you would like to know more, or are looking for something a little bit extra, come at me baby!